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Curtin University
Vice-Chancellor's List

The Badge

The VC's List badge was designed in 1991 by Mrs Bronwyn Goss, a tutor in the School of Visual Arts. The design is based on the pine cone which symbolises the Curtin campus and its continuity from the Western Australian Institute of Technology. It symbolises the environment of Curtin and, in particular, the peace and reflectiveness that should imbue our learning. It symbolises the regeneration and renewal of life that the acquisition of true learning always brings.

Strangely, the whorls of a pine cone, which run both clockwise and anticlockwise are, in number, always members of the Fibonacci Series, a basic series in mathematics. Moreover the Fibonacci Series, when extended, has the property that the ratios of its successive numbers tend to the golden mean, a ratio basic in architecture, art and design.

It comes from the pine tree, long a symbol of vitality in many cultures.

Its colours, green and ochre, are the Curtin colours. Green is the combination of blue and yellow. "Green combines the cold blue of the intellect and the emotional warmth of the yellow sun". Ochre is the earth and symbolises the practicality and social responsibility inherent in Curtin's outlook.

The VC List badge